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Born in 1946 in Liverpool, Maureen Cox pursued a career as a hairdresser before marrying Ringo Starr of The Beatles in 1965. They had three children: Zak, Jason, and Lee. The couple divorced in 1975, but remained close. In 1989, Maureen married Isaac Tigrett, founder of The Hard Rock Cafe. They had a daughter, Augusta King, two years prior. Unfortunately, Maureen passed away on December 30, 1994, after fighting a long battle with leukemia. Starr and Tigrett were at her bedside.

This is a tumblr page dedicated to her.

"She was a fan whose dream had come true. She had started out as one of the hundreds of teenage girls who queued day after day at the Cavern to get close to the front of the stage for the best possible view of the Beatles and in hope that they might catch the eye of one. Every fan had a favorite, and Ringo was hers" -Pattie Boyd.

I suppose it was partly sex and partly the music. That was the attraction.- Maureen

"She’s just sort of ordinary, she’s from Liverpool. And the genuine fans wrote in saying, you know, "If you are going with her, good luck and I hope you’re happy" -Ringo

"Maureen was really incredible with Ringo, especially when the boys were recording until the early hours of the morning. Instead of going to bed she would wait up until he came home and serve him a wonderful roast dinner, even if it happened to be five in the morning" - Cynthia Lennon.

"Ringo and Maureen behaved like two little love birds. The beautiful occasional birds disappeared from view and Ringo got on with the serious business of courting his true love. I loved Maureen, she was down to earth, honest, and if she had known of Ringo’s infidelities while she was in Liverpool, I wouldn’t have reckoned much to the chances of the girl or girls in question if she had found out. She was madly in love with Ringo and would have fought tooth and nail with anyone who had the nerve to try and take him from her. Ringo knew this, of course, and must have been a panic many times in case of indiscreet gossip or thwarted lady friends telling all. As it happened, Ringo was lucky enough to get away with it in the face of incredible odds and loyal friends” -Cynthia Lennon.

Whatever happened between Rich and me, he’s been a good father to our kids” - Maureen.

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Maureen and Ringo photos (3/?)

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March 1965 - Cynthia, Maureen and Pattie enjoying Cokes and tea at the Edelweiss Hotel while waiting for their men to finish filming a scene outside the hotel. (X)

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'Help' movie premiere, 1965.

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The Beatles Girls P&B + Textures

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Outfit worn by Maureen Starkey, 1971.

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Maureen and Ringo photos (1/?)

February 12, 1965- Ringo and Maureen wearing big grins during their honeymoon in Hove.

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